I AmChamPion Awards Technical Committee Meeting

I AmChamPion Awards Program was initiated in 2019 to highlight and encourage companies that sustain bilateral economic development between Turkey and the U.S.

In the 3rd year of the Awards Program, some of the best examples of Turkey-U.S. economic cooperation were awarded in 8 categories, after a 2-step evaluation by award program’s Technical Committee and Jury Members.

The Technical Committee evaluated more than 60 applications. Technical Committee Members include:

• Sertaç YERLİKAYA – TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, Chief Senior Researcher
• Serdar İBRAHİMCİOĞLU – Bilişim Vadisi, General Manager
• Konca ÇALKIVIK – SKD, Secretary General
• Yeşim MÜFTÜLER SEVİĞ – KAGİDER, Secretary General
• Yasemin ESENLİK – Presidency Investment Office, Overseas Offices Unit Manager
• Eli LOVELY – Foreign Commercial Service Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce