Global Turks Webinar - 3

Launched in March 2021, Global Turks par Excellence Project aims to reach out to the top Turkish professionals around the globe. Global Turks par Excellence project will start with a Research Study to capture individuals with international success, incorporating diverse sectors, expertise areas and key functions, while the survey will be capturing the underlying success elements and prevailing competencies.

Global Turks Webinar 3 was organized in cooperation with Harvard Business Review Türkiye, hosting the project’s partner institutions, as well as leading Global Turks as the role models for next generations.

• Ayşegül DİCLE AYDIN, HTS, Managing Partner
• Serdar TURAN, HBR Türkiye, Editor in Chief
• Tankut TURNAOĞLU, AmCham Turkey, Chair – P&G, General Manager, Turkey, Caucasus & Central Asia
• Ayşem SARGIN, YASED, Chairperson - Boeing Turkey, Managing Director and Country Executive

• Tarcan KİPER, Co-founder & CEO, Neo Auvra Digital Health and Bionics Inc
• Derya MATRAŞ, Vice President for Middle East, Africa & Turkey, META
• Orhan GÖKSAL, CEO, Intelligent Papers LLC, Palo Alto, USA / Chairman, Ritmus - Salesforce, Turkey
• Evren ERYÜREK, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud