GVC Talks Webinar Series I Panel 4: Tax Mechanisms

Global Supply Chains have been undergoing a profound transformation during Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with disrupted and shortened supply chains, multinational companies have been looking for alternative places to relocate their overseas production activities and secure their supplier bases with closeness to sources and destination markets.

Considering its manufacturing capabilities, skilled and cost-competitive labor force, proximity to the EU and MENA markets, and international free trade networks, Turkey stands out as an attractive location for the U.S. companies to diversify and secure their supply chain networks.

Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and AmCham Turkey are pleased to launch a new webinar series under 4 thematic topics that are deemed to play a decisive role in Turkey’s integration into GVCs.

“GVC Talks” will be organized consecutively in webinar format with the selected topics:

Panel-1: "Investment Perspective"

Panel-2: "Regional Commercial Relations"

Panel-3: "Regional Trade Relations –Green Deal "

Panel-4: "Tax Mechanism"


Fourth panel session focused on tax infrastructure from investor perspective, economic reform package, compliance to OECD & WTO standards, R&D Tax scheme. Panelists:

- Şakir Ercan GÜL, Deputy Minister of Treasury & Finance, Republic of Turkey

- Emre KARTER, AmCham Turkey Board Member & Citibank Turkey General Manager

- Ahmet İhsan ERDEM, Vice President of the Investment Office, Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

- Cenk ULU, Senior Partner, PwC Turkey

- Ferruh BASKU, General Manager, Genpact

- Giammarco COTTANI, Tax Policy Director, Netflix

Moderator: Gökhan ŞEN, Bloomberg HT


You can WATCH the panel session at: LINK