Miyamoto International Brings Earthquake Expertise to Reno city of Nevada State of U.S.

The global earthquake structural engineering firm Miyamoto International has opened an office in Reno city of Nevada State of U.S. With 20 locations globally in areas of high seismic activity and risk, Miyamoto believes its expertise helping building owners, investors, builders and government prepare for strong seismic events is critical for resilient development. “We are very excited to be a part of Reno growth,” said CEO Dr. Kit Miyamoto, whose work helping countries recover from catastrophic earthquake damage and reducing disaster risk has been featured on CNN, the Discovery Channel, PBS, The New York Times and many other media outlets. In the United States, his message focuses on building better than code to protect people and property. “In areas of high seismic vulnerability like Los Angeles and Reno, we can engineer buildings that perform much better very cost effectively," he said. "If you follow minimum code, it essentially gives you a 'one earthquake’ building. We design buildings to remain operational after the event." Dr. Miyamoto is also a California Seismic Safety Commissioner.