Turkish Companies will use Honeywell Components in Breathing Ventilators

Three Turkish manufacturing companies (Modul in 2016, Biosys in 2018 and Foras in 2019) started working on ventilator designs to be used in hospitals for patients who need respiratory support. Honeywell Turkey SPS, Sensing and IOT (SIOT) team identified these companies and got engaged at the earliest stage.

Biosys initiated a cooperation with Arcelik to increase the production capacity. An agreement was signed with the Turkish Ministry of Health for 5,000 intensive care ventilator units as an initial batch. Honeywell strengthened the cooperation with Arcelik and improved delivery plans to meet all requirements. Honeywell also received orders from Modul and Foras for additional 8500 portable ventilators. Honeywell Turkey SIOT division is supplying critical components like pressure sensors, air flow sensors and oxygen sensors to these customers.