On-The-Job Training Programs Increase Employment

The graduation ceremony of the “Phide” (Seedling) program carried out by Philip Morris/Sabancı, within the scope of IŞKUR's on-job training program, was held at the company's production facilities in Torbalı. Speaking at the ceremony, İŞKUR Deputy General Director emphasized the importance of on-the-job training programs and extended his thanks to the company: “Thanks to the program, 508 thousand citizens gained profession in 2017.”

Philip Morris/Sabancı, Corporate Affairs Director Zeynep Güney Altıntaş said, “We believe it is important to support productive employment in order to achieve sustainable economic growth. As a result of the cooperation we commenced with İŞKUR last year, we have introduced more than 50 people to the workforce with a long-term training program of 9 months.”