Solutions to Prevent Post-Earthquake Business Interruption

Miyamoto made a presentation on ‘Solutions to Prevent Post-Earthquake Business Interruption’ at the Data Center Istanbul event held online on December 7, 2021. The presentation of Miyamoto Turkey’s President Yusuf Zahit Gündoğdu, the effects of the M9.0 Tohoku earthquake (2011, Japan) were conveyed with videos.

The city of Sendai is the closest settlement to the epicenter of the Tohoku earthquake (≈150 km away). The behavior of the ‘conventional’ Sendai Airport, the ‘base-isolated’ Ishinomaki Hospital and the ‘locally seismic-isolated’ Data Center structures during the earthquake can be seen in the presentation.

Click to watch the video for the (structural and non-structural) solutions that can be applied for post-earthquake business sustainability.